Comparing Bariatric Vitamins

Proper nutrition is vital after weight loss surgery and requires taking vitamin supplements. But Flintstones vitamins just won’t do. Bariatric patients have unique requirements and must take bariatric vitamins designed to meet those needs.

Along with the nutritional needs are the best practices to consider when taking your vitamins. Taking Orange Juice with your vitamin can help increase iron absorption. Take your vitamins at the same time everyday to increase remembrance and effectiveness.

Most Doctors & Dietitians agree that Calcium and Iron should not be taken at the same time due to issues with absorption when present together, for best results consume at least 2 hours apart. This is why our Once Daily vitamins do NOT have Calcium in them. Calcium is much easier to consume in more enjoyable ways then iron. Not all vitamin companies marketing to Bariatric Patients adhere to the rule of keeping Calcium and Iron separate, so beware and look at your labels closely. Be sure your Calcium and Iron levels are being monitored closely if you chose to use a vitamin that combos both supplements.

When searching online for bariatric multivitamins, you might see ads for Optisource, Celebrate or Bariatric Advantage. However, a comparison reveals that it’s no wonder ProCare Health was proclaimed the “best bariatric vitamin” by customer C. Jensen.  As the innovator of the Once Daily Multivitamin we used data from real patients to tweak and adjust our vitamin over the year to make sure we are providing a superior choice for weight loss surgery patients. 

Perfected with the Guidance of Medical Professionals

During development of ProCare Health vitamins, countless hours were spent with doctors, dietitians, and bariatric coordinators to ensure ProCare Health is the most complete bariatric multivitamin ever. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at this comparison chart to see our value!

We believe vitamins should enhance life-not complicate it! Our once daily vitamins are compact, affordable, and require only one a day.

ProCare Health is the leader compared to any bariatric vitamin available, whether it’s BariMelts, Tespo, Bariatric Advantage, Bariatric Fusion, Celebrate, Optisource or any other you might find.

ProCare Health Recognized As A Leader In Multivitamin Quality Control

ProCare Health quality control line has received praise from Consumer Labs, which stated,

“16 out of 35 (46%) of multivitamins selected by for testing failed to get our approval….[ProCare Health] product was tested, and it passed testing: ProCare Health Bariatric Multivitamins (39 cent per day for 1 capsule). It provides significant amounts of a broad range of vitamins and minerals…”

Based on independent tests by

Easier on the Palate and Budget

Unlike other brands, we have minimized binders and fillers to pack the most nutrients into an easy-to-take size. This has resulted in the highest quality supplement and has reduced the chalky taste that many consumers complain about in other vitamins. Most vitamins are made up of 40-60% fillers in their chewable tablets, which is why they require a higher daily dose and result in a higher cost.


Our inexpensive vitamins are cost efficient because they are once daily. Choosing ProCare Health vitamins means a 40-60% savings on this essential element of your health!

“I was trying to take like 5 different supplements after my gastric sleeve. I wish I would have discovered these earlier.”

– Brandon S.

Third-Party Testing

Trust and transparency are important to ProCare Health. That is why we perform the highest level of testing in our industry. Every ingredient of every lot is extensively tested so you can trust you are getting the supplementation your body requires.  We make those independent test results available for you here. You won’t find that level of trust and transparency with the other brands.

Satisfied Customers and Doctors

ProCare Health vitamins are the recommended brand by providers at Sentara, John Hopkins, Mercy, Kaiser, SSM and the University of Missouri-Columbia, to name a few. Our customers will also tell you ProCare Health Vitamins are the best.

“I didn’t believe that I could get enough absorption from one pill a day so I put it to the test,” customer, W.C. told us. “I am amazed, and my doctor is thrilled!” Thank you, ProCare Health!”