Raising the Standard for Bariatric Vitamin Quality Control

ProCare Health’s Once Daily multivitamin was specifically designed for people who have undergone bariatric surgery. Developed working alongside Doctors, Dietitians, and Bariatric Coordinators, the goal was to produce the most complete multivitamin available that helps make getting your patients’ needed daily supplementation easy.

From working alongside doctors and bariatric coordinators, we’ve learned that it is vital that our bariatric vitamins accomplish two things:

To Improve Patient Compliance, Bariatric Vitamins Must Be Easy

Proper nutrition is a vital component of follow up treatment for bariatric procedures. However, gaining patient compliance in the long-term can be difficult. When doctor and nutritionist recommendations aren’t followed, patients don’t recover as they should.

The Nutrition Education and Training Program (NET) was created at the national level in 1977 by PL 95-166, and began in Wisconsin’ in July,* 1978 with the receipt df advance planning funds from the United States Department of Agriculture. The Federal legislation directs the Department of Agriculture to make funds available to state educational agencies to (A) instruct students with regard to the nutritional value of foods and the relationship between food and human health, (B> train food/service personnel in the principles and practices of food service management, (C) instruct teachers in sound principles of nutrition education, and TD) develop and use materials and curricula. Viable nourishment instruction are made by reliable same day papers review service that analyzed few researches and came up with direct instructions that in rudimentary and auxiliary schools can help individuals figure out how to settle on shrewd sustenance decisions. It can likewise supplement and additionally possibly decrease the requirement for some governmentally related nourishment exercises.
Numerous specialists concur that instructing schoolchildren is the best method to build up a healthfully educated populace in light of the fact that these kids are a receptive and enthralled group of spectators.
Notwithstanding improving dietary patterns, nourishment instruction likewise has the potential for lessening sustenance squander in Federal encouraging projects and in the home. During times of high swelling, shrewd nourishment choices can enable shoppers to extend their sustenance spending plans. Sustenance instruction could likewise expand buyers’ utilization of nourishment data on nourishment names and lessen the Federal Government’s “have to disperse sustenance data, to people in general” and give sustenance training programs outside the schools to explicit objective gatherings.

ProCare Health bariatric supplements were designed to make bariatric professionals’ jobs easier by making it easier for patients to comply with nutrition recommendations. Our once-daily vitamins accomplish this goal.

Quality Control for Bariatric Vitamins is Vital

Poorly sourced vitamins from manufacturers that don’t take quality control seriously are worse than useless – they can hurt patients.

When making a vitamin recommendation, bariatric professionals want to know that the brand they recommend can be trusted to produce a product that contains exactly what it says on the label.

To continue and further our great relationship with bariatric professionals, and to ensure that our patients see great results with our vitamins, ProCare Health has instituted a multi-step quality control process. This includes independent third party pre- and post-testing of each batch of our bariatric vitamins for potency and purity of every ingredient – and we publish the lab results for each batch of bariatric vitamins directly on our website.

Bariatric Multivitamin

Do You Know What is in Your Vitamin?
We Do.

Today’s FDA regulations leave opportunity for manufactures to improperly produce and sell vitamins to raise their profit margins. At ProCare Health, we care about our patient’s health, safety and money. That’s why we use independent third-party testing of each batch of our bariatric vitamins and post them to our website for everyone to see. It is this commitment to quality that earned our Bariatric Multivitamin high praise by Consumer Labs for its purity and potency.

ProCare Health Recognized As A Leader In Multivitamin Quality Control

ProCare Health quality control line has received praise from Consumer Labs, which stated,

“16 out of 35 (46%) of multivitamins selected by ConsumerLab.com for testing failed to get our approval….[ProCare Health] product was tested, and it passed testing: ProCare Health Bariatric Multivitamins (39 cent per day for 1 capsule). It provides significant amounts of a broad range of vitamins and minerals…”

Based on independent tests by ConsumerLab.com

A Bariatric Vitamin Partner You Can Trust

As a professional in this field, you are helping your patients lead more healthy, active lives. Your job is important.

Know that ProCare Health is a partner you can trust to help you accomplish that goal.

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